Yoga Classes in Bath


Yoga at The Laura Place Clinic, Bath

“Yoga with Emma will revitalise you in so many ways! It is not just the body, but the mind, the spirit and your connection to everything. Her yoga techniques are both physical, meditative and mindful with a twist of fun! I recommend her in so many ways. Relax your mind, improve your physique and those niggly aches and pains we all get.”¬†John Tomkins

Enjoy the benefits of Hatha-Yoga with a small group of your friends or colleagues.

Book an hour Yoga class for £40 and have a tailor made class designed to suit your level of experience.

Call Emma on 01225 425279 or email to book.

Available evening Yoga class: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Available morning Yoga class: Monday & Sunday

Times to suit group and venue

Maximum of five people