Friendship in Fear

Recently I have seen, read posts and live blogs about staying “positive” avoiding “negative” conversations as we begin our time in home isolation. This for me rang alarm bells and gave me the inspiration to write a few words about the feeling of fear and its value.

You see I believe the feeling of fear is experienced for a good reason, it is there to guide and protect us, and when we have a healthy relationship with fear it can become our ally. Surely it is okay during a pandemic to feel afraid and to be worried about our family and friends? What our fears highlight are our values and most commonly the expression of love, and as we feel our fears we can lean harder into love.

The fears that we may all be experiencing clarifies our feelings for what is most important in life. They can act like a compass, steering us in the right direction – That might mean picking up the phone, connecting with neighbours to help, healing old hurts with family and friends because a pandemic sends the message that life is fragile.

So in short let your fears anchor you fully, with every fibre of your being, to the expression of love for each other. Moving beyond “positive” or “negative” concepts to see that we all want the same thing…to be safe…to be well…and to live through it.