Everyday Mindfulness


Everyday Mindfulness Workshop

Would you like to change your view of stress and increase your energy and enjoyment of life? Or experience more satisfaction through personal and professional successes? Would you like to feel enhanced clarity and focus when making decisions? Or experience a deeper sense of mind and body equilibrium? If so an Everyday Mindfulness  Workshop will teach you the timeless techniques to maximise your experience of optimal well-being and fulfilment.

 What to expect?

An Everyday Mindfulness Workshop teaches you effective relaxation and mindfulness techniques that can be practised anywhere, and at anytime, to increase your energy and well-being. Taught to you in your own workplace these techniques, when used regularly, are known to enhance levels of optimism, fulfillment and personal equanimity. Everyday Mindfulness also involves some simple standing yoga poses to relax the body, as well as clear and calm the mind.

 Valued Benefits of Everyday Mindfulness

* Simple strategies that can be practised anywhere and at anytime

* Enhanced optimism and personal/professional fulfillment

* Increased patience and resilience

* Emotional equilibrium and improved personal/professional relationships

An Everyday Mindfulness Workshop is available for individuals, leadership, management development and staff teams

On request, an Everyday Mindfulness Workshop can be hosted at The Bath Spa Hotel; this would include lunch in the Vellore Restaurant and use of the hotel’s luxurious Spa. The workshop can also be hosted at The Laura Place Clinic, Bath

For Fees and Bookings contact Emma on 01225 425279 or email: emma@inspiritconsultancy.com