Hush in a World of Rush


Three simple tips to creating a calm and happy mind

1. Listen to your intuition

We all have a knowing feeling of when, or if, something is going to be right for us. The more we respect and listen to that knowing feeling, the more we make a space for the right people, situations and things to enter into our life. Practice listening to your intuition and taking action on it, or not as the case may be, to build confidence in trusting your knowing feeling.

2. Say “No” more often

Did you know that the word “No” can be a one word sentence? You don’t have to always explain yourself: “No” is enough! The good news is that by saying “No” more often you again make space for all the right people, situations and great things to say a huge and confident “YES” to.

3. Breathe into your belly

Learn to breathe with awareness, to purposefully quieten the mind and body.

Go to this link for instructions on Belly Breathing

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