How do you relax? What does relaxation mean to you? Is it a glass of wine, or a meal with friends/family? Is it walking in nature, or listening to your favourite piece of music? Perhaps a hot bubble bath with scented candles, or a cup of tea? Do you call your friends to catch up with, or write in a journal?

Next time you do any one of your favourite relaxation techniques, take a moment to notice how you breathe….does your breathing change when you are relaxed?

“The way we breathe affects our autonomic  nervous system (ANS), the branches of which signal automatic  physiological reactions in the body, like the fight or flight and  relaxation responses.” Heart MD Institute

When we focus on our breath we do two things; firstly we come into the present moment, always a good place to be as that is where we are living our life…. secondly we quieten the body and mind so that our experience of the present moment, and the decisions we make, are more conscious and positive.


Lie down in a place that is comfortable for you, and place your hands on your belly with your middle finger tips touching.

Slowly breathe into the lungs and then what appears to be into the belly…. you will notice your finger tips part as you breathe deeply into your belly. Give yourself an uninterrupted three minutes or so to practice this, and try breathing this way whilst you are standing in a queue, reading a book, walking or sitting at work. Let me know how you do….. drop me an email via the ‘Bookings and Contact Me’ page.

This type of breathing has been used for thousands of years within the world of yoga and meditation, and is key to creating a relaxed body and mind!

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