Ignite Coaching


Ignite Coaching
One off individual session £70
Four Coaching Session investment of £260

Ignite is for when you already have a goal in mind or perhaps a thought keeps coming to the forefront of your awareness, an idea that has been with you for a while yet you haven’t been in the right place in your life to do explore your ideas.

Ignite is for when change is calling, this could be in a season of crisis or of energised empowered choice. Either way you are ready or in a situation that has made you ripe for a new phase in your life – big or subtle.

Ignite is perfect for when you feel a bubbling sense of energy at the thought of change… a hunger for something new or to get clarity and confidence to create a new personal path.

Ignite may challenge you, invite you to stretch you to be all that you want to be, trusting that you have the answers – You are the expert of your life!

Ignite new ways of thinking and being

Ignite your goals and dreams into the present

Ignite your energy for change and clarity of purpose

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