The Courage to be Still

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The Courage to be still

Sometimes, even with all the best will and intention, what you want to be occurring in your life may not show up with the speed you desire.  I call this the “Courage to be Still” phase – in truth, these times are actually a gift in the guise of frustration.

Why is it a gift?

These trials are a gift because they provide the space for life to unfold at a pace appropriate for you in your uniqueness. Prochaska and DiClemente’s research, regarding change, resulted in the following description of six stages of change:

1) Pre-contemplation

2) Contemplation

3) Preparation

4) Action

5) Maintenance

6) Termination – At this final stage, the identified change has become a habit, and normal to your identity.

I see the “Courage to be still” phase as a dance between “Contemplation” and “Action”, setting the scene for change, providing nourishment for yourself – permitting you to feel ready to take action when the time is ripe!

The “Courage to be Still” phase is exciting. You can turn frustration into readiness by taking the time to relax, and choosing to be in the present moment. Some of my favourite things to do when I’m waiting for readiness to ripen is to have a clear out at home, exercise, meet up with friends that inspire me, meditate or perhaps write a gratitude list acknowledging the people, things and experiences that I have in my life. These activities help me to shift into a positive mind-state and ignites feelings of purpose, passion and vitality – characteristics that enable me act with confidence and commitment.

Embrace the “Courage to be still” phase! Allow its gifts to give you strength, momentum and take you to the point when you brim with renewed energy, self- knowledge and the inner wisdom that identifies your best way forward.


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