Boundaries are Beautiful

Boundaries are Beautiful


As we have entered a new realm of relating to each other, with a boundary in place, I thought about sharing some of my experience with boundaries that we set for Neriah. Our daughter was born in March 2016 with a rare genetic condition called Edwards Syndrome, she left her body in July 2019, yet thrived and lived a full and vibrant life.

From the moment she entered the world we created boundaries similar to what we are experiencing today with Covid-19. As soon as anyone came into the home they would wash their hands and Neriah wasn’t allowed to touch other people’s faces. This was all put in place to keep her safe as a cold, or any respiratory condition, was extremely hard for her and eventually proved to be fatal.

I realised very early on that people found this hard to adhere to and sometimes being out in town was tricky as people couldn’t help themselves to come too close to her face or take her out reached hand. Occasionally people seemed to think that their germs were innocent and that we were being ‘too much’ in the boundaries that we established.

In my world with Neriah boundaries being respected were experienced as an act of kindness, love and care. By honouring each other’s boundaries we demonstrate how much we are able to think of others before our own needs and show how much we want to make another feel safe, loved and at ease.

So as we embark on the months ahead of social distancing we can be confident in knowing that every time we move out the way of a passer-by, wash our hands and respect another person’s space we are stating that we care.

Let boundaries be your expression of love #theneriahway

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