Success Stories


Jane Bonehill, Managing Director DenMed Ltd

“Emma’s energy and enthusiasm shone through from day one of the training, her natural ability to motivate and energise us was refreshing and encouraging. She demonstrated respect for her audience by pacing activities accurately and by being very aware of the group dynamics. Emma has helped me to look at situations with a new perspective, this will assist immensely in achieving a work life balance.”

V.K, Social Worker

“Emma managed to clear my thoughts and to work with my goals at a time of great confusion. She encouraged me to break my issues down so I could see the root of my difficulties. I felt very supported and understood throughout the whole session. Emma is a very positive and warm person, a real resource for me.”

Ruth Patterson, Author and Youth Coach

“Emma coached me through a period of change in my life, steering our sessions with focus and clarity, but always tempered with compassion.  The results have been tangible and dramatic and I can recommend her highly.”

Florence Madden, Management Development Consultant

“When we realised the skills Emma brought into the room we asked her to deliver some ‘relaxation’ sessions for the rest of the delegates. She did this with confidence, gentleness and respect……and with such efficacy her ‘audience’ just wanted more……so did the trainers!”

John Tomkins, IT Consultant

“Self Confidence can be perceived outwardly in many ways, but the source of this is from within us as individuals. To empower and value yourself in your life’s journey is something we all have in different ways. Emma will help you centre and realise your own better life, that is personal only to you. Each time you see Emma, you will become more self-aware and more empowered, which you will realise on a daily reinforced basis. The journey starts with Emma…”

Dawn Broadberry, Director, Broadberry Consulting Ltd

“Thank you Emma! Your relaxation session tasters added an unexpected and extremely welcome dimension to the recent coaching programme. They were just what we needed to help prepare our curious minds to focus on the day ahead; and then again to energise our jam-packed heads as we flagged to help us absorb even more!”

Joanna Priestnall, HR Executive Engage Mutual Assurance

“I had the pleasure of meeting Emma at a training course, where she introduced the group to a few mini-mindfulness techniques. It was amazing how much difference taking a few minutes to be still, and to focus on the way in which I was breathing, made to my preparedness to open my mind to the new learning being presented.”