Life Coach

Embrace the wave of change

Do you feel that you would like to move beyond a belief that holds you back from creating the life experiences that you long for? Would you like to feel more purpose and passion each day? Or perhaps create a healthier mindset and body, living with more confidence, clarity and energy? If so then embrace the wave of change with me as your personal coach.

Personal Coaching is a conversation, a partnership that is solution focused, creative and goal oriented. It is about knowing where you are, in any/all areas of your life, and knowing where you want to be, then bridging the gap through goal setting and specific coaching models. These strategies motivate, enlighten, inspire and challenge you to discover the best for yourself in any given situation – supporting you to unleash your full potential.

Personal Coaching uses specific tools to enable you to experience, explore, discover, recover and be challenged into a thinking space that is advanced and rich in pure potentiality for your progress – in both personal and interpersonal relationships. Key questioning techniques enable you to understand your own thoughts, free from the influence of others’ opinions. Coaching also clarifies a vision or mission statement; it gets to the heart or root of a matter, and creates a new pathway for new action and effective results – therefore developing a strong personal foundation to embrace the present, and gradually work towards what you really want.

Strengths of Personal Coaching are diversity of strategy, questioning techniques, motivation and inspiration for authentic action. Personal Coaching supports you to work things out through processes that enable you to evolve and develop, through your own experience and self-awareness.

My specialist areas of coaching are:

Work/Life Balance
Purpose and Passion
Clarity, Change and Confidence
Goal Setting and Action Planning
Youth Coaching
Effective Communication
Well-being and Relaxation

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