The Importance of Relaxation in Yoga


Savasana – Corpse Pose

One of the reasons I particularly appreciate teaching and practicing the Sivananda School of Yoga is due to the value that is placed on relaxation, not just at the start and end of the class but in-between each asana also. The importance of relaxation in yoga is rooted in the understanding that asanas, or yoga positions, work like acupuncture – they provide pressure and stimulation to different points in the body thereby releasing potential blockages in the meridians or ‘Nadis’.

Another valuable reason for relaxation in-between each asana is to allow the heart beat to return to normal, and eliminate lactic acid from the muscles, whilst providing the opportunity for energy or prana to move freely.

By remembering to give yourself time to relax, during and especially at the end of your yoga class, you will help your body recover from any muscle fatigue and counteract any oxygen debt that may have been built up during the class.

Your body is the amazing instrument and vehicle to help you achieve your cherished dreams and goals. Give your body time for a bit of conscious breathing – it will reward you with clarity of mind and a deep sense of well-being.

Photo credited to Dana Santas

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