Hatha Yoga


What is Hatha Yoga?

Traditionally in India the practice of yoga was experienced by people who meditated, the postures would have been done prior to sitting in meditation for a length of time. Yoga’s historical benefits are rooted in its ability to “broaden the mental faculties and the spiritual capacities” whilst developing a strong and flexible body.

Hatha literally translates as Ha = Sun (upward moving energy) and tha = moon (downward moving energy). Through the variety of positions within Hatha Yoga we are moving the bodies energy both up and down. This is the deeper meaning of Hatha Yoga, not all people that practice yoga desire to meditate. It is enough for many people to feel the body increase in its flexibility and strength whilst experiencing a calmer state of well-being within.

The yoga classes that I teach are suitable for beginner students to an intermediate level – I encourage all students to practice to their own physical capacity and to remember that yoga is not competitive – we all have different lengths of arms, legs, torsos etc…therefore we will all experience the poses in our own unique way.

Relaxation is also a key feature in Hatha Yoga – this helps us to experience the benefits of the positions that we have just done. As the bodies energy moves it needs a chance to flow freely. Relaxation greatly assists this process as it switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, this is responsible for the calm sense of contentment that we can feel at the end of a yoga class.

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